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George A.Alspaugh Jr.

San Diego Area Probate and Trust Administration Attorney

Do You Need an Experienced Lawyer for Probate or Trust Administration?

If someone close to you has died and you need a lawyer to help you through the probate or trust administration process, contact us.

What is a Probate?

A probate is a court procedure where the assets of a deceased person are divided according to the deceased person’s will, or according to law if a will did not exist.  Without a will, the court distributes the deceased person’s property to his or her closest living relatives, which could be the decedent’s spouse, children, parents and/or siblings.

A carefully drafted estate plan created during a person’s lifetime can help avoid the costly probate fees, attorneys’ fees and taxes connected with a person’s death, and ensure that your assets are divided upon your death exactly as you want them to be.  Living Trusts have become a popular vehicle for avoiding the costs of probate.

“On behalf of my entire family, I want to express my deep appreciation for the professional and caring manner in which you handled my mom’s estate . . . I always felt as if you took care of us with personal concern.” - R.P., El Cajon

What is a Trust Administration?

A trust administration is the procedure of carrying out the terms of the trust upon the death of the trustor.  This process is necessary whether the deceased person was the sole trustor, or the first spouse.  A trust administration generally includes a careful reading and interpretation of the trust itself, defining the duties if the trustee, the identification and satisfaction of creditors, the identification and appraisal of assets of the trust, notice to interested parties and governmental entities of the creator’s death, and ultimately, distribution of the assets to the beneficiaries.

The Law Offices of Alspaugh & Alspaugh will not only draft your estate plan, but will immediately help you in the administration of the trust following the death of a trustor.  Our skills will guide you from creating the initial trust instrument to the dissolution of the final trust.

The process of trust administration can be complicated and confusing.  Trust administration requires meticulous attention to detail and a comprehensive knowledge of the law.  People often need an attorney’s help to review the trust and determine the correct method to proceed.  Whether you are a beneficiary or a trustee, an experienced trust administration attorney can help you assert your rights and ensure that your financial interests are protected.


A Personal Approach to Protecting Your Interests

The Law Offices of Alspaugh & Alspaugh believes that getting to know you is essential to delivering legal services that truly fulfill your needs.  This is why personal attention, accessibility and responsiveness are core priorities in our law practice.  Our firm brings sensitivity to family issues and a seasoned approach to every matter we handle.

Contact us for a confidential consultation about your Probate or Trust Administration matter.

To arrange a consultation focused on your duties and challenges as a trustee or personal administrator, or your concerns about someone else’s actions involving a trust or probate, please call us at (619) 441-8501 or contact us by email.