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Civil Litigation

San Diego Area Estate and Civil Litigation Attorney

There are many problems that can arise in dealing with an estate after someone’s death.  Although it can be emotionally trying to take action and defend your interests at such a difficult time, the stakes may be very high for you and other family members.  Whether you are an heir or beneficiary of the estate, a family member unjustly being denied an inheritance, or a trustee or executor whose actions are being challenged, we encourage you to contact us for assertive, cost-effective legal counsel.

The Law Offices of Alspaugh & Alspaugh are experienced in handling the following probate and trust litigation:

*Concerns that you have been unjustly cut out of a trust or will through a contested action on grounds such as lack of capacity, undue influence or fraud:

            *Breach of fiduciary duties
            *Discovery of assets
            *Accounting discrepancies
            *Appointment as trustee or personal representative
            *Power of attorney actions
            *Counsel to trustees and executors
            *Probate litigation
            *Trust litigation

Representing trustees and personal representatives

The Law Offices of Alspaugh & Alspaugh represents trustees and personal representatives who have been accused of breaching fiduciary duties, or if a beneficiary alleges that a trustee or personal representative is not following the terms of the trust or will.

Mediation, arbitration, and trust litigation

Our goal is to resolve your case in the most cost-effective manner possible.  It is often possible to work toward a solution out of court, through various alternate dispute resolution techniques.  Mediation provides the opportunity for family members with disagreements to sit down and work out a favorable solution without going to trial.  In the event litigation does become necessary, George A. Alspaugh, Jr. has extensive trial experience and can aggressively assert and protect your rights in court.

A personalized approach to a difficult situation

Disputes between family members, trustees, beneficiaries and relatives can be overwhelming , especially when intertwined with the death of a family member.  Our attorneys work to provide clients with a personalized approach to resolving the issues by listening to the client’s goals and preserving the wishes of their loved one.  We can help you deal with any of the matters listed above, or any other estate or civil litigation.  Call us at (619) 441-8501 or contact us online.